Thank you for reaching out. We are a relaxed, pleasant office, and take your fears, needs and concerns very seriously. We believe that you are the person who ultimately chooses how the treatment course will go after we give you the best options. We work for you, and do not push medications or other forms of treatment when you don’t want them or are not ready. We work as a team with the patient, so that the individual can live the happiest and healthiest life, and reach the goals he or she is trying to achieve. We look forward to meeting you.

Patient Confidentiality
We abide by the set professional ethics and will ensure that patient confidentiality is observed. We will also protect the information from unauthorized access.

We Accept the Following Insurance:

Aetna, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medicare.


To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (404) 450-0338