We are now providing IV ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant mood disorders with tremendous success and safety. I’ve partnered with Dr. Michael Banov and Psych Atlanta; we have documented 75% response rates for those who have failed extensive traditional therapies. In my opinion, this is a real game-changer when it comes to treating depression, and would be an excellent adjunct for your patients who are struggling with depression and suicidality.

Since ketamine is off-label for treatment of any psychiatric disorder, insurance will not cover the service. We are, however, having more success getting insurance to cover Spravato. Patients in more acute distress might start with a course of IV ketamine, then use Spravato as maintenance therapy.

What makes our program unique is that all patients are cleared by a psychiatrist and each patient has their own quiet room for treatment. Patients are continuously monitored for changes in blood pressure, pulse and O2 saturation. We are trained in conscious sedation and BCLS/ACLS. We have RNs, EMTs, Advanced Practice Nurses and physicians on site.

Both ketamine and Spravato have demonstrated immediate benefits with acutely suicidal patients. We can usually get patients in treatment within 24 for IV ketamine if urgent, although we cannot get Spravato approved in such a short time period through insurance. All patients continue to see their referring doctor or therapist.

For more information or to schedule a screening visit, your patient can go here.

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